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CEO Greetings

By creating the best products and services with the best technology, we wille b a company that continues to create rich life.

Dear our valued customers,

Our company, specializing in pumps, has produced industrial pumps for 10 years since its foundation in 1998 and has contributed to production of quality pumps in response to the government's flood control and disaster prevention policy.

We have established systems ranging from our own design, production, test, installation and A/S up to a pump diameter of 2,200mm under complete controls and systems through our company-wide quality management system.

In addition, based on our superior technology, know-how with years of experiences and continuous technology development, we have taken all possible measures to ensure our quality reliability including ISO9001, ISO14000, KS, patents, utility models and performance certification as well as production of high quality pumps.

Shinwoo Pump promises to become "a company practicing Quality First and for our customers re-visiting us with joy beyond satisfaction” in the future.

CEO Ahn, Byoung-Ku

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