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Double Suction Split-Case Pumps

  • Municipal and Industrial Water Supply
  • Industrial Use
  • Cooling Water Supply
  • Circulation
  • Irrigation
  • The Shinwoo double-suction volute pump (SDP), which was designed and made through company’s specialized experiences, research and up-to-date technology, can be used for a variety of purposes and functions with good operation features.
  • Impeller designing by 3D hydraulics and analysis of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) help the product to operate efficiently and to consume less power.
  • Dynamic analysis for rotating bodies (Rotor Dynamics) and analysis of a finite element method (FEM) for structures were applied to realize least noise and vibration.
  • The casing is split horizontally at the central line of the shaft for easy disassembly and repair as well as convenient testing and maintenance.
  • The impeller is a closed double suction type and shows dynamic equilibrium (balanced) in terms of both static and fluid dynamics.
  • Since the main shaft is protected by the shaft sleeve, it operates semi-permanently and helps reduce maintenance costs.
  • The main shaft was made of high-quality steel materials, and arrangement of short bearing spans allows shaft stiffness in the stuffing box to be maintained within the permissible range.
  • Gland packing is the standard method of shaft sealing, and mechanical seals can be applied.
  • Bearing housing is a grease lubrication type that guarantees at least a 6-year life of bearings.
  • The casing was assembled by fixing pins (dowel pins) and has a structure with flanges for precise arrangement.