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Management Certification


As a medium-sized enterprise with "new business", "technology-intensive enterprise" and "high-tech enterprise", it means enterprise with high R & D investment ratio.

Venture Company Certification (KIBO Technology Assurance Fund)


It is a combination of Innovation (Innovation) and Business (Business), which means technology innovation-type SMEs that have secured competitiveness based on technology advantage.

Innovative SME (INNO-BIZ) Certification - Renewal
Business registration certificate - Shinwoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Business Registration Certificate - Haman Factory
Union membership (Korea Agricultural Machinery Industrial Cooperative Association)
Union membership (Korea Pump Industry Association)
Dealer Certification (Hyosung Good Springs Co., Ltd.)
Special Membership Card (Fluid Machinery Industry Association)
Membership Card (SME Technology Association)
Membership Certificate (Government Procurement Products Association)
Certificate of study attached to company
Membership (Venture Business Association)
Productivity Management System Certification
Certificate of direct production confirmation (motor pump)