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Product Certification

KS Certification

The KS mark certification system shall be applied to the items designated by the KSD according to the provisions of Articles 11 to 13 of the Industrial Standardization Act,
1. The production plant is equipped with the ability and requirements to ensure the continuous production of products above the KS level in terms of technology,
2. It is strictly examined according to the examination standards of the products to ensure that the standardization and quality management activities are carried out throughout the company so that the technology level can be always maintained systematically from the objective point of view. It is the certification system that displays the KS mark on the product.

Product certificate (KS B 6321_ ship water pump)
Product certificate (KS B 6318_ both suctioning roots pump)
Patent certificate (chilled pump facility)
Patent certificate (underwater motor pump equipment and its cable protection device)
Patent certificate (underwater motor pump system and its operation method)
Patent certificate (axial flow pump)
Utility model registration certificate (underwater motor pump facility)
Certificate of Excellence in Product Designation (2013264)
Pump (Good Procurement Co-branded Goods Designation Certificate)
Designation of Disaster Reduction Technology (NET)
Program Registration (copyright) _ Shinwoo Axial Flow Pump Design Program